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Portfolio - Digitising

What is Digitising? 

Digitising is when we take some art and turn it into an electronic embroidery file that can be interpreted by Computerized embroidery machines.

We can offer the service of turning your logo or design into an electronic format for you and/or stitch out the design for you. The following example is a design we converted.  The image is on the left and the embroidered file on the right.

We can convert to nearly all formats the common ones are jef, jef+, vip, vp3, xxx, dst.

The different formats are normally required for different machines i.e. jef, jef+ is Janomes format and vip, vp3 is Husqvarna's format.  Some machines work with many formats, however our software allows us to provide whatever you need.  

We have several embroidery machines to cater for different jobs.

Below is our portfolio, showing some of the designs we have done


Portfolio - Sewing 
Portfolio - Classes
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